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Import WooCommerce Variable Products

The WooCommerce integration for ImportWP allows you to import and CSV or XML files into WooCommerce products.

The WooCommerce product integration adds a new WooCommerce Product template allowing you to import any Product information. This guide will take you through importing WooCommerce variable products and their product variations.

This example we will use the WooCommerce Product Sample csv file, this file can be viewed on github here.

Creating the WooCommerce product importer

When adding a new Import WP importer select “WooCommerce Products” from the list of importer templates, you will need to have the import wp woocommerce plugin installed and activated.

once the importer has been created, the next step is to select where the csv file is coming from, in this example we will be using the remote file option and downloading the raw product sample csv file from github: 

Mapping WooCommerce Product fields to CSV columns

The bare minimum configuration to import product variations and variable products is the following product fields

Using the following product fields we set the products name, the product type (product variation, and variable product), price, sku, and create the relationship between the product variation (child product) and the variable product (parent product).

Product NameProduct Fields{3}Select the column containg the product title
Product TypeProduct Fields{1}The product type field is used to set what type of WooCommerce product should be imported, by default it will import a simple product.

The product type field can be enabled via the “enable fields” button displayed at the bottom of the “Product fields” section, clicking on “Enable text field” allows you to populate it from csv file.
Regular PricePricing{24}
Product SKUInventory{2}
Parent field typeAdvanced“Sku”Select what type of data the parent value field contains, in this example it the products sku.

Import WooCommerce product variation attributes

WooCommerce variable products contain multiple product variations, each variation is linked using product attributes.

Under the Attribute add two rows and configure as follows:

NameTermsIs GlobalIs Visible

Import Product variations

Using these importer template settings, when the importer is ran it will create the parent child relationship between the variable and product variations, combined with the product attributes settings, this allows you to import WooCommerce product variations into WooCommerce variable products using Import WP.

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