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Importing from an XML File

To map the elements from an XML file, open up an importer which has the Template Type set to XML (the importer should do this automatically if an XML file was uploaded when it was created). An XML Importer adds the following field to the main importer settings section under the general tab:

  • Base – This base field is element path from which to import records from, to edit this click on the [select] link after the field; this will load up a modal window with a list of usable nodes click on one to insert the value into the field.

To create a relationship between an XML element and a field click on the [edit] link which are on the right hand side of the template field input (shown below).

This will load up a modal window showing a single record from the XML file.

If this modal window is showing more than one record at a time, you may need to alter the general settings base field.

To select an element click on the data you wish to map to the selected field, your fields should end up with content similar to {/xpath[#]} as shown below.