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WordPress Page Importer Template

Selecting the WordPress page template when creating your importer gives you control to select which data within your xml or csv file that links to specific WordPress page fields.

Page Importer Template Fields

WordPress Page Importer Template default fields

The default page fields are Title, and Content, all the other fields can be enabled or disabled via the Enable Fields button, when clicked this will display a list of all available fields.

Page Importer Enable Field List
  • ID – The ID field is only used as a reference to existing fields
  • Title – Set the title of the page
  • Content – Set the main page content.
  • Excerpt – Set the custom short excerpt for the page
  • Slug – Manually set the slug, otherwise it is generated based on the page title.
  • Status – Set the page status from the dropdown of available statuses.
  • Parent – Select the page parent from the dropdown field, or enable the text field to use the data selector tool to choose element from import file, depending on your chosen file element you can change the reference type via the sub field Parent Field Type of either (ID, Slug, Name or Reference Column).
    Page Template Parent Field
    Selecting the reference column allows you to identify the parent record based on the Parent field value matching the Value set in the reference column.
    Page Template Parent Reference Field
  • Order – Set the menu order for this page.
  • Author – Set the page author from a dropdown of WordPress Users.
    Page Templaet Author Field
  • Password – Set the page password
  • Date – Set the date the page published date
  • Allow Comments – Set if the page has comments enabled.
  • Allow Pingbacks – Set if the page allows pingbacks.
  • Page Template – Set the page template from a dropdown of available page templates.

Page Importer Taxonomies

Page Importer Template Taxonomies

Page taxonomies allow you to import categories, tags and custom taxonomies that are linked to your pages, if your plugin or theme registeres any taxonomies the Taxonomies tab will appear allowing you to setup as many taxonomies as nessessary for your import.

Read a Guide on how to import WordPress Taxonomies

Page Importer Attachments

Page Importer Template Attachments

Page attachments allow you to import attachments such as images, a featured image, pdfs, and any other item accepted by your WordPress media gallery. Attachments can be fetched from a local folder, remote url, or from a ftp server.

Read a Guide on how to import WordPress Attachments

Page Importer Custom Fields

Page Importer Template Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to import extra page data which your theme or plugins may use, this could be sub headings, or search engine keywords/descriptions for SEO plugins.

Custom fields keys are manually entered, or can be populated via a predefined list of popular values.

Read a Guide on how to import WordPress custom fields.