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ImportWP WordPress Importer plugin allows you to import WordPress users from either XML or CSV files with as much information as needed, from populating the basic WordPress user details, to importing user profile pictures and importing any custom field data added by either your theme or an installed plugin. ImportWP aids you through the import processes by helping you to visualy select what node from an xml file or column from a csv file you want to use for each part of the users details with its visual data preview and selection tool.

Import WordPress Users information

WordPress User can be Imported with both XML and CSV files, all WordPress User Data can be selected using the visual data preview selection tool allowing you to visually select which part of the xml or csv file you want to set to each part of the user being imported, there are some slight differences when selecting and interacting with XML nodes or CSV columns.

Import WordPress users from CSV files

When importing users into WordPress from a CSV file, if you are using a non standard csv file you can configure how the csv file is structured per importer using the CSV delimiter and enclosure fields found within the user importer settings.

Choosing which part of your users csv file that should be used to create or update a WordPress user can be entered manually to give you complete control of your data, or by selecting it using ImportWP CSV visual data selector tool that is accessed via the Select button displayed next to each users field, this will load up a visual preview of your users csv list where you can select which column or columns (if you want to select and combine multiple columns) to be used for that field.

Import WordPress users from XML files

We have tailored our XML file import process for importing WordPress users, giving you the option to choose where in your xml file the list of users can be found using our Visual XML Base node selector tool, allowing you to chose via a dropdown with a list of all available user record paths, showing you the number of records found for each path along with a preview of the first users record.

With the user record path set, we can proceed to choosing which part of your users xml record should be used to create or update a WordPress user, this can be entered manually allowing you the the option to write custom xpath queries or by selecting it visually using ImportWP XML visual data selector tool that is accessed via the Select button displayed next to each users field, this will load up a visual preview of your users XML record where you can select by clicking on the related section of the user.

Import WordPress user custom fields

To take advantage of Importing user custom fields you will require a license for ImportWP Pro, ImportWP Pro comes with many useful features, one of those is the ability to import custom field data for users, allowing you to import extra information that your theme or plugins may have added, for example basic information such as user bio text, or using the custom field attachment downloader you can import and download such things as user thumbnails, or even user galleries.

View ImportWP documentation on Importing Custom Fields

Schedule or Run User Import

Once your importer is setup and ready to start, you can either run the import manually or schedule the importer to be ran at a timed interval, this can be handy if you are wanting to sync your WordPress users to remote system, or you are manually keeping track of users via a google sheets document or something similar.

Manually running your WordPress user import

All user imports can be manually run, when running the importer you will see the progress in real-time showing the number of successful users imported against the number of total records.

Scheduling your WordPress user import

User imports can be scheduled to run on a timed interval, configured on a per importer basis. The only restriction in place is that the CSV or XML datasource cant require any manual user interaction (you cant schedule an importer that you have to upload the CSV or XML file via the browser, but you can schedule files that have are downloaded directly from a remote url, ftp connection, or from the servers local filesystem.

User Import History

ImportWP keeps a record of what users have been created, updated, deleted, or if any issues that have happened when importing a specific user. Import history can be viewed during and after imports to give you more information into what happend in each import.

A history log rotation is available when an importer is scheduled to run at an interval to control the size of your log table.

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Awsome import plugin

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5 Stars

If I could award this plugin and the support with more stars I would. Also I'd give it 5 * in several categories. The plugin works seamlessly and the support I've had from the developer has been second to none.

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Thank you! I was almost disappointed after trying so many other plugins! I was over the moon when I saw this one actually works!

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