ImportWP Features

ImportWP is a WordPress File Importer plugin that can import both XML and CSV Files into WordPress Posts, Pages and any custom post type and all related custom fields, taxonomies and attachments.

Import XML files

Visually select how your records are separated, how each part of your XML file should link up to your chosen type of Wordpress Import. Upon selection you can instantly preview your XML files with our WordPress XML Importer, allowing you to navigate and preview each record.

Import CSV files

When working with our WordPress CSV Importer, its data selection tool allows you to select each column from within your CSV file, once selected if required you can paginate through your entire CSV file and preview how each row will appear once imported.

WordPress image and attachments

Download attachments via FTP or remote URLs, attach them to the imported object, or set them as a featured image.

Import WordPress Users

Easily bulk import WordPress users, configuring common user settings, setup user roles dynamically or choose for a dropdown, send WordPress registration email.

Import WordPress Post-Types and Pages

Import WordPress Posts, Pages, or any custom post-type registered by your theme or plugins, setup relationships with categories/taxonomies, and import featured images and attachments.

Import WordPress Taxonomies and Categories

Import WordPress categories, tags, or any theme or plugin registered taxonomy along with its hierarchical structure.

Import to WordPress Custom Fields

Import custom field data to any WordPress Post-Type, Page, or WordPress user, allowing you to manually or dynamically set the custom field key and values.

Import History Log

A history of all records that have been imported is available to view in each importer, showing a total of imported records and whether a record has been created, updated or deleted and how many.

Schedule imports

Easily run the import when you want, or schedule it to run at a later date, on a specific time, or even have it import on a set interval allowing you to keep your website in sync automatically

Create, Update, and Delete Permissions

Set whether the importer can create new records, update existing, or delete records that have been previously been imported.

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