Bulk edit WordPress posts, pages, products and much more

Easily bulk edit WordPress posts, pages and products by exporting a csv file containing the columns and records to update, edit the csv file using Google Sheets or Excel, then import the updated WordPress posts.

Our Process

Bulk Edit WordPress Posts

  • 1

    Export WordPress Posts

    Select what WordPress fields and posts to export.

  • 2

    Bulk edit records

    Open and edit the exported file in Google Sheets or Excel.

  • 3

    Import changes

    Upload and import the modified file to update the WordPress posts.

Bulk edit WordPress posts

  • Bulk edit WooCommerce Products
  • Bulk edit posts, pages and custom post types.
  • Bulk edit custom fields

Bulk edit WordPress categories

  • Bulk edit Product Categories
  • Bulk edit categories, tags and custom taxonomies
  • Bulk edit taxonomy custom fields

Bulk edit WordPress users

  • Bulk edit WooCommerce customers
  • Bulk edit WordPress users
  • Bulk edit users custom fields

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