Import Export ACF plugin

ImportWP Advanced Custom Field Importer addon extends the built in custom fields functionality of ImportWP PRO

Import ACF fields

Simply select an existing ACF field via the custom field field dropdowns, this will change the custom field settings accordingly to the chosen fields type. Import ACF Addon works with all Built in Importer Templates allowing you to import users, posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.

Importing ACF Images, Files and Galleries

ImportWP Advanced custom fields addon allows you to simply choose the correct field from a list of registered acf fields, when selecting the Image, File or Gallery field the fields settings will change to show the Attachment fields options allowing you to import single or multiple attachments from either Remote URLS, Local File system or FTP server.

Import ACF Repeater fields

Import WP Pro makes it easy to import XML or CSV files into ACF Repeater fields, manually select data per row, or using an xml repeater node to generate multiple rows.

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