Import WooCommerce Products from XML or CSV files

Easily Import WooCommerce products including product attributes, product variations, product sku, prices, stock information, external links and so much more from any xml or csv file.

ImportWP WooCommerce Product Importer Addon adds a new Template allowing you to import WooCommerce Variable, Simple, Grouped and External Products.

Import WooCommerce Product information

Import WooCommerce Product information from any xml or csv files including General product information such as the price, sale price and dates. Import WooCommerce product Inventory information such as Product SKU, Stock quantity and status. Import WooCommerce Shipping information including Product weight, dimensions and shipping classes.

  • Import product prices and sale prices
  • Import product dimensions and weight
  • Import product stock status and quantity
  • Import product SKU
  • Import product data
  • Import WooCommerce simple products
  • Import Affiliate and external products

Import WooCommerce Product Attributes and Variations

Import custom or global product attributes that can be configured to be visible on the product page, or be used to import WooCommerce variable products and their product variations.

  • Import custom product attributes
  • Import global product attributes
  • Import variable products
  • Import product variations

Import WooCommerce Product galleries and files

Import WooCommerce product galleries, featured images or downloadable product files from any xml or csv files, including product meta information such as titles, alt tags and captions.

  • Import product images
  • Import image alt tags
  • Import image title tags

Import WooCommerce Product categories, tags and linked products

Import WooCommerce product categories, product tags, custom taxonomy, and files for downloadable WooCommerce products.

Import linked products, including grouped products, product upsells, and product cross-sells

  • Import product categories
  • Import product tags
  • Import grouped products
  • Import product upsells
  • Import product cross-sells

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