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Importing Advanced custom fields

ImportWP Pro’s custom fields feature allows you to import into fields created by the popular ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin version 5+.

Integration with Advanced Custom Fields requires the Advanced Custom Field Addon

Supported ACF field types:

  • Basic fields (text, colour, oEmbed, Wysiwyg, …)
  • Attachments (File and image)
  • Gallery

If we are missing a field type you need, let us know via the contact form and we will see if we can support it.

Import ACF Text and other Basic fields

All of the basic ACF files such as Text, Textarea, oEmbed, Wysiwyg and colour picker fields should automatically show switch the field type to text allowing you to select the element or elements that make up the custom field value.

ACF Text Field Integration

Import ACF Image, File, and Gallery fields

Both ACF Image, File, and Gallery field types automatically switch the field type to attachment, allowing you to download single or multiple attachments seperated by a delimiter from Remote URLs, Local Filesystem, or FTP Server.

ACF Attachment Field Integration