2.6.4 – 19/01/2023

  • FIX – Importer CSV file settings page disable flag not changing when fields are updated.
  • ADD – Imported Record tracking is moved from meta tables to own table.
  • ADD – Allow custom text entry on repeater base node field.

2.6.3 – 11/01/2023

  • FIX – Importer session has changed fatal importer error during import initialization.

2.6.2 – 06/01/2023

  • FIX – AddonBasePanel save callback was not following permission rules.
  • FIX – PHP error caused by , at end of arrays.
  • FIX – Importer session has changed fatal importer error during import initialization.

2.6.1 – 03/03/2023

  • FIX – Importer state to work with WP Multisite.

2.6.0 – 12/12/2022

  • ADD – Simplified importer runner, import chunks removed in faviour of state locking.

2.5.5 – 29/11/2022

  • ADD – New action iwp/importer/mapper/init run before a record has been imported.
  • ADD – New action iwp/importer/mapper/before to modify data before importing a record.
  • ADD – New action iwp/importer/mapper/before_insert to modify data before inserting a record.
  • ADD – New action iwp/importer/mapper/before_update to modify data before updating a record.
  • ADD – New action iwp/importer/mapper/after run after a record has been imported.

2.5.4 – 13/08/2022

  • ADD – New filter iwp/allowed_file_types to allow different file types apart from the default xml / csv.
  • ADD – New filter iwp/get_filetype_from_ext to allow setting the file type based on the attached file name.


  • FIX – Addon Panel, Core template fields are no longer excluded from processing due to missing enabled flag.


  • FIX – Hash geneartion on local files now match correctly.
  • ADD – Downloaded media without extensions, attempt to get extension from content-type header.


  • FIX – Restore old method of loading woocomerce / yoast addon
  • FIX – Only the importer that deletes a record, can restore that record unless you use the post_status field.


  • ADD – 1st release of iwp_register_importer_addon api
  • ADD – File encoding dropdown added to xml imports under file settings step.
  • FIX – Issue where 2 fields can match with the same prefix on a group e.g. gallery-id vs gallery-id-url.


  • FIX – Custom methods no longer break when the character “)” is present.


  • FIX – fix js load issue on some installs with ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined.
  • FIX – Add missing term description field to exporter.
  • FIX – Term importer now displays list of private taxonomies.
  • FIX – Post taxonomies section hierachy follows stricter rules allowing for multiple terms with the same name if nested under a different parent e.g. “Term 1 > Term 1”


  • FIX – Update importer filter row functionality.


  • FIX – Allow for zip, and gz file extensions to work with previously forced file extensions.
  • ADD – Add new addon registration function iwp_register_importer_addon


  • ADD – New setting to limit the number of log files stored, by default this is set to unlimited.
  • FIX – Fix RCE issue by forcing correct extensions on imported data files.


  • ADD – New “Media Library” option added to attachment download field, allowing you to search for attachments previously uploaded to your media library.


  • ADD – Add filters to allow addons to extend the exporter custom field list and alter data before being exported.


  • ADD – Add contains-in, not-contains-in importer filters.
  • FIX – Fix contains and not contains filters.


  • ADD – Edit name of importer by clicking the importers name on single importer screen.


  • ADD – Attachment fields now have an option to fetch fresh images, instead of always using a found image from media library.
  • ADD – export parent id, slug, and names for taxonomies.
  • FIX – Tweak interface, and add upgrade notice to importer page.


  • ADD – Added new exporter section to interface, allowing the exporting of wordpress data to XML / CSV / JSON.
  • FIX – Fix upload error causing white screen.
  • UPGRADE – Import WP Pro now requires the install and activation of the base plugin, notice is displayed to alert users once upgraded.


  • ADD – Add option to move posts / pages to trash instead of forceful deletion.
  • ADD – Add iwp/custom_field_label filter to alter custom field label on importer log.
  • ADD – Add data mapper and serialization tool.
  • ADD – Add unique identifier field on permissions step for templates using user or post mapper.


  • ADD – Add iwp/register_events hook to allow extension of the event system.


  • FIX – Update custom method handler to work with xml with large amounts of whitespace.


  • FIX – Unable to create new importer due to null file settings merge.


  • FIX – Importer files are now prefixed with id-file_id-
  • FIX – Downloading remote files now return not found, or empty file errors.


  • ADD – New setting field for file rotation
  • FIX – Replace php data flushing with manual ajax fetching of importer status.
  • FIX – Make it easier to select csv fields with empty values.
  • FIX – Properly log skipped records
  • FIX – Fixed issue on windows file uploads causing File Not Found Error.
  • FIX – Allow ‘.’ in field name when using permissions.
  • FIX – Attempt to skip php output in ajax/rest response.


  • ADD – Ability to split imports into sections/chunks.
  • ADD – filter iwp/importer/chunk_size
  • ADD – iwp/importer/datasource
  • ADD – Ability to use custom methods when importing, [custom_fun(“arg1”, …)]
  • FIX – Fixed an issue with repeater sections displaying wrong data on front end.
  • FIX – Fixed double serialization on term meta and user meta when updating records.


  • ADD – Ability to filter records/rows before being imported.
  • FIX – Fixed post_status bugs
  • ADD – Ability to add multiple schedules per importer
  • ADD – Ability to import/export importers.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with cron scheduling, now uses local time
  • ADD – new filter to override the default timeout length


  • ADD – Update importer.custom_fields.process_field to return values
  • ADD – Send xml / csv headers when downloading file
  • FIX – Fix issue with duplicate nested xml tags prematurely closing record.
  • FIX – File process now checks x amount of records when processing file for importer editor.
  • FIX – Template fields are now fetched via REST, passing importer model to get_fields()


  • ADD – Ability to download debug log on import screen.
  • FIX – Enable field label uses Field label instead of key.


  • ADD – Rewrite of PHP code to use namespaces, and WordPress Rest API.
  • ADD – New User Interface, Moved plugin menu item from top level to under tools.
  • ADD – Update frontend code to use ReactJS library.
  • ADD – Debug panel on edit importer screen.
  • ADD – Importer logs to Debug panel.
  • ADD – Importer Settings base64 encoded string.
  • FIX – Remove taxonomy field from term template, now pick taxonomy at start.
  • FIX – AJAX load in field options.
  • FIX – Importer Speed increases.