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How to Import WordPress Custom Fields

ImportWP Pro gives you the ability to import from both XML and CSV files into custom fields from basic text to WordPress attachments when importing WordPress posts, pages, custom post types, and users.

To add a new custom field click on the Add Row button at the bottom of the custom fields panel, this will insert a new row.

NameThe name field allows you to select from a predefined list of custom fields, if you cant find the custom field you are looking for but you know what its key is, then this can be manually entered by checking the enable text field to switch the dropdown menu to an input field.
ValueThe value field is the same as any other importer field, you can select which data should be set via the select data button, this will load up the xml or csv visual data selector tool.
Field typeThe field type allows you to choose between the available custom field types.

Text Field Type

This is the default custom field type, anything entered in the value field will be stored in the correct custom field table.

Attachment Field Type

The attachment field type allows you to insert and attachment as the custom field.

Return value The return type field allows you to choose what value should be returned from the attached file for example id, url, serialized id, or serialized url.

A full list of what each attachment field does can be found here.

Mapped Field Type

Serialized Field Type

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