How to import Attachments from Google Drive

This article will take you through the steps to import file/images from google drive into WordPress as Attachments using Import WP.

  1. Create a new folder on google drive
  2. Right click that folder and select share, under the get link section, change this to anyone with the link (this will automatically change this setting for files uploaded to this folder, instead of having to do this for each file).
  3. Open the folder and upload your file/image to google drive.
  4. To locate your file/images file id within google drive, right click on the new file/image and select Get link, this will copy a url in a similar format to:{FILE_ID}/view?usp=sharing, paste the url in a text editor and extract the {FILE_ID} string from your url.
  5. With the google drive file id, we can now paste it into the download url format:{FILE_ID}.
  6. You can test that you have the correct file download link by opening up a private or incognito window and pasting the link, if all goes well you should download the file.
  7. Add this url to either an xml or csv file along with any other data you wish to import, then under the attachment/custom fields section of the importer you need to set the attachment download type as remote url.