Importer File Settings

The file settings tab allows you to change all options relating to reading from the XML file, changing any option on the page should automatically refresh the preview panel.

XML Import File Settings

XML Base PathThe base path dropdown should list the structure of your XML file, select the path that contains a single record. Upon changing your base path this will update the XML Record Preview that will show the first record using your chosen base path.

CSV Import File Settings

DelimiterThe file delimiter is the character in your csv file that is used to separate cells, normally this is a comma.
EnclosureThe enclosure is the character in your csv file that is used to wrap around each data cell, normally this is a Quotation Mark.
Column HeadingsThe column headings checkbox should be checked if the first column in your CSV file are headings for the following data, if this is unchecked numeric headings will be used instead.