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Importer Settings


Under the import settings > General tab you have a list of all the general settings.


  • Start Line – Set the row you wish to start your import from.
  • End Line – Set the amount of rows to import.
  • Template Type – If for some reason the importer is unable to find the correct file format you can set it using this dropdown.

Import Permissions

Under the import settings section > permissions tab you have the ability to set what can be inserted and updated when an import is run.


  • Insert – Allow the importer to insert a new object.
  • Update – Allow the importer to update the existing object.
  • Delete – Keep track of what has been imported using the current importer. posts, custom post_types, and users which are no longer on the import file will be removed.

Import Files

Under the import settings section > files tab you can select which file to import from this importers list of previously imported files, or you can choose to upload a new one.


Importer Data

Below the importer setting section is your chosen template fields, depending on what the type of template it is there may be multiple Template field groups, each having its own list of tabs. The settings tabs allow you to enable options which are available such as taxonomies, attachments and extra fields.