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Importing from a CSV file

To map the columns from a CSV file, open up an importer which has the Template Type set to CSV (the importer should do this automatically if a CSV file was uploaded when it was created). A CSV Importer adds the following fields to the main importer settings section under the general tab:

  • Delimiter – This is the character which separates the CSV record elements.
  • Enclosure – This is the character which is wrapper around the CSV record elements.

To create a relationship between a template field and your CSV column, click on the [edit]link which are on the right hand side of template field inputs (shown below).

This will load up a modal window showing the top 5 records from your CSV file, if the columns do not seem to tally up with the column headings try changing the delimiter or enclosure as these may be wrongly set.

Selecting data is as easy as clicking on the column that contains the data you require, You should see your current selection previewed at the bottom of the modal window (Your selection should look similar to {COLUMN_NUMBER)), you can select multiple fields (they will be added in the order clicked).

Once happy with your selection click on the Submit button which will update your field with the new selection.