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Importing WordPress Taxonomies


Taxonomies can be imported on WordPress Pages, Posts, Custom post types, and all templates using these as a base. The taxonomy tab will appear in your importer if the post type being imported has registered taxonomies.

Taxonomies can be imported via there own Taxonomy Importer template, a guide on using this template can be found here.

Import a taxonomy

To add a new taxonomy, click on the button labelled “+” on the right hand side of the row, this will insert a new taxonomy row at the bottom of the list, or to remove a taxonomy click on the button labelled “-“.

  • Tax – Set the taxonomy that you wish to select from the dropdown list.
  • Tern – Select the data from your import file that you want to import into the selected taxonomy, you can import multiple terms by seperating them with a comma, as each will be imported as a seperate term. Click here for a guide on how to change the term delmiter from “,”.
  • Permissions – Choose how you want the terms to be imported.

Repeat this as many times as needed to import all your WordPress Taxonomies.

Changing the term delimiter

If you have your terms seperated by a delimiter other than “,”, you can change this by adding a custom filter to your themes functions file.

 * Change Taxonomy delimiter from ',' to '|'
 * @param string $seperator
 * @return string
function iwpd_term_seperator($seperator = ','){
    return '|';
add_filter('jci/value_delimiter', 'iwpd_term_seperator');